Deep tissue thoughts

We should be getting more massages, says John Teng, a licensed massage therapist who serves as director and an instructor at European Massage Therapy School’s Las Vegas campus. “What’s the rub?” we asked. Here’s what he said:

How often?

If possible, my suggestion is you get it once a week. I would say at the very least get it once a month. Massage helps your blood circulation … and your lymphatic system circulation—that’s the body’s immune system. If you have good circulation of the lymph, your body is more attuned to attacking or killing viruses or bacteria that come into your body.

Will insurance companies cover massages?

I’ve seen much more in other countries. Here in the U.S., it’s slower, but it’s coming. Even at the school, we have clients come in asking for a receipt for a therapeutic massage so they can send it to their insurance company.

Where can we find the best deals on massage?

Not to be partial, but I think massage schools are very good places to get them. Students are learning, and they’re eager to listen and improve and focus, whereas a lot of professionals out there are doing it day-to-day, and sometimes they’ve lost the passion for massage. We charge $25 for a 50-minute massage and $40 for an 80-minute massage.