Pitbull pulls into Calle Oak-cho

Pitbull, that veritable fountainhead of ubiquitous club bumpers, got an early jump on his 30th birthday Jan. 6 at The Mirage’s new club, 1 Oak. It really does make you stop and think how quickly 30 years can go by. It seems like just yesterday that Pitbull came into the world, born wearing a tiny suit and teensy sunglasses, insisting that his mother stop calling him Armando and address all entreaties to sleep through the night and eat all his baby food to “Li’l Pitbull.”

The singer, who’s almost as prolific a musician as he is a pitchman, arrived about midnight and went onstage a bit before 2 a.m. He did “Mr. Worldwide,” “I Know You Want Me (Calle Ocho),” “Hotel Room Service” and “On the Floor.” In the crowd were singer Ryan Cabrera and Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo, who had nothing better to do on the first weekend of the NFL playoffs than to hang out in a Las Vegas club. Jason Pierre-Paul couldn’t be reached for comment, as the Giants were too busy playing the game the Cowboys could’ve drawn against the Falcons.

After the show, Pitbull received a cake from painted-up Beatles Love performers before retiring to his table, where he drank with 1 Oak co-owner Scott Sartiano and managing partner Eli Pacino. It really must’ve killed Romo to have to socialize with a guy named Eli. At least he can console himself with selling high on Jessica Simpson.

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