House of Blues, Jan. 7

Touring in support of Twisted Wires and the Acoustic Sessions, the California hard rockers played their unique recipe of “blues metal” for about 90 minutes. And fair-weather fans had to wait through most of it to get to those early hits (“Heaven’s Trail (No Way Out),” “Modern Day Cowboy” and “Signs”), which came at the end of the show. The rest of the night was filled with lesser-known tunes and songs from the new album (including “Second Street” and “Better Off Without You”).

I saw Tesla way back in the day, about 20 years ago. Little surprise, their energy is not quite the same. Mostly, the band sat on stools like any other acoustic jam. But there were still some wonderful moments: Lead singer Jeff Keith, sporting a football jersey with his name on the back, belting out the opening song, “Comin’ Atcha Live/Truckin’”; guitarists Frank Hannon and Dave Rude showering the crowd with guitar picks; the packed house burst into singing “Love Song”; and a cover of Led Zeppelin’s “Thank You.” ★★★☆☆