Time Crashers

Yayo Taco, Jan. 5

In the annals of Las Vegas novelty punk—a list that includes masked surf-rockers Monster Zero and long-ago all-female act the Pull-Outs—only Time Crashers possess the distinction of having packed a taquería with pierced-and-tatted teens and library-humping grad students on a Thursday night. The band, which made its live debut dressed in time-travel jumpsuits, is equal parts sci-fi stand-up comedy and dumber-than-a-brain-dead-caveman garage riffs. Frontman Nikola Tesla (a.k.a. Vindol Parker of Scrap Iron Saints, his “chrono-gauntlets” and goggles making him look ready for a tricked-out Delorean ride) apologized for going on late as they’d just “returned from a Yayo Taco of the future.” Anyhow, Yayo should thank Time Crashers “for inventing the taco.” Brief songs such as “Hangin’ with Caligula” boasted hilarious gang-shouts (“Toga! Toga!”) to match the band’s manic energy. If The Dead Milkmen got addicted to watching Time Bandits on Netflix, this is what they’d sound like—fun, funny and fiercely imaginative. ★★★★☆

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