Tour Buzz

THAT’S ENTERTAINER: Here’s what I’ve learned about comedian Cedric the Entertainer’s tour, coming to The Joint on Jan. 14 ($26-$66), from the recent reviews at 1.) Some say that Cedric’s opening acts, Malik S. and Jeremiah “J.J.” Williamson, are as funny as the King of Comedy himself. 2.) Cedric does a bit on “what Obama’s really thinking,” which seems dated, but hey, no one in Obama’s own party knows what he’s thinking, so there’s that. 3.) Some of Cedric’s shows start late. Last October, in Chicago, the comics took the stage 45 minutes behind schedule. ’Cos waiting is funny!

RIGHT FOR THE JOB: Tool is one of those bands I respect more than I enjoy. Their music is precise and densely layered, like the information encoded in a compact disc—and when I’m confronted with it, I’m suitably awed. But like a caveman pondering a CD, I have no idea what it all means. I’m actually a bigger fan of Tool frontman Maynard James Keenan’s side project, Puscifer, whose sound is dark and syncopated and twangy. But I’m not about to dismiss Tool simply because they don’t suit me, or for any of the reasons listed in a YouTube video called “Top 10 Reasons Why Tool Sucks.” (No. 7: “Copied Floyd.” No. 3: “Not on iTunes.”) I’ll simply see them perform at Mandalay Bay on Jan. 15 ($47-$86). Maybe I’ll look into that shiny plastic construction and, for once, my caveman brain will say, “Ain’t bad.”

NOW ON SALE: There are two seasons here: Summer and pre-summer. It’s all right to begin making plans for summer—and you can begin by getting tickets to see funky indie-tronica outfit Foster the People poolside at the Cosmopolitan on July 7 ($48). You know how “Pumped Up Kicks” is gonna sound under that perfect summer sky? Fantastic, that’s how.