Top Seven Passers in Rebel History

UNLV has had a lot of players who could put the ball in the basket. But more often than not, someone had to get them the ball in the right spot, at the right time to put the points on the scoreboard. Here we salute the Rebels who took as much pride in making the perfect pass as they did in scoring:

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What is the soul of Las Vegas?

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What is the soul of Las Vegas?

By James P. Reza

Las Vegas begins and ends with freedom. Yes, change and opportunity are contenders, but both stem (or, perhaps, stemmed) from our physical isolation from Washington, D.C., and that isolation’s attendant privileges. Vegas’ libertarian roots and libertine business model (one based upon legitimizing the criminal activities, and thereby the criminals, of other states) long provided us a big-city lifestyle with Wild West liberties. But after the city’s most recent population boom, “freedom” was prettied, packaged and sold to our visitors while it was eroded from our residential lifestyle.



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