Dre and Iovine Swoop into 1OAK

Hey, you remember that hot second when Dr. Dre did another song with Eminem and it looked like Detox might actually come out? Suckers! Dre is still tinkering with headphones.

In town once again for the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), Dre was plugging Beats by Dre ’phones by day and turning up at 1 Oak by night on Jan. 12, along with Interscope guru Jimmy Iovine. Dre arrived early, coming into The Mirage club about 11:15 p.m.

Iovine, who had been dining at Stack along with Beats by Dre President Luke Wood, joined Dre’s table about 11:45. Laidback Luke went on less than an hour later, spinning for a crowd that included Nelly. Dre left about 3:30 a.m. to go back to his suite in order to continue not releasing his third album in 20 years. At this point, there’s a better chance another J.D. Salinger book comes out before a new Dre record. The good news: When the album does drop, you’ll be able to hear them on your sweet Beats by Dre nanophones while riding your hoverboard. Wait, no. Back to the Future II is also full of lies. Stupid duplicitous entertainment industry.

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