The Gingerbread Boys and OK Sweetheart

The Royal House, Jan. 13

This was a show about the potential of one band and the crisp execution of another. First up was the Gingerbread Boys, a new local band featuring Halloween Town’s Ryan Pardey, Red Eye Radio’s Bryan Todd, A Crowd of Small Adventures’ Mike Weller and brothers Blair and Ian Dewane from the Skooners. This is the band with potential, so much potential that I hope they fully commit to this project. Using a selection of songs from all their respective catalogs, the Gingerbread Boys melded styles and added robust vocals with four (sometimes five) lead singers. Their cover of other local band Dusty Sunshine’s “Nobody” fully displayed their harmonizing power. Members showed their prowess by switching instruments, which was impressive but often brought the set to a halt. The constant lags between songs slowed the show’s momentum and took away from the good. With an impending name change, maybe the band, who also realized these problems, will tighten their boot straps (and their set).

OK Sweetheart, meanwhile, was flat-out smooth. The band has that sugary, soulful, perfect-for-a-rainy-day sound. Lead singer Erin Austin has a voice that commands your full attention. The solid band behind her fits in perfectly with The Royal’s modern lounge feel. Songs “You Let Me Down” and “Traitor” are worth hearing again and again. And since the band is in the middle of a monthlong residency, you can. ★★★☆☆

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