Tour Buzz

THE GUARD: The mighty Wu-Tang Clan is coming to the House of Blues on Jan. 19 ($45-$50). According to reviews of Wu-Tang’s latest tour, they’re coming at Vegas hard. “The legendary collective possessed more energy than artists half its age … The venue was insane throughout, with people rattling railings, throwing up W signs and generally behaving as if their minds were melting,” wrote’s Joe Sweeney of a Dec. 26 show in Buffalo, N.Y. (He also noted that Ghostface Killah and Raekwon aren’t with the group on this tour. Buyer beware.) Wu-Tang Clan is more than an influential rap ensemble; they are America’s hip-hop guard, protecting us from weakness. And we could sure use that fortification right now.

ANTIBODIES: As I remember it, Ozzy Osbourne once said something to the effect of “Metal is good for you.” There’s no denying it’s made him invincible, but is metal right for you? I know this much: You’re not going to find out by taking doses of Korn. You need the uncut stuff, and on Jan. 22 at House of Blues, you can get a triple dose of it with Anthrax, Testament and Death Angel ($33, $29.50 in advance). These bands have been thrashing hard since the early 1980s—OK, Anthrax took a little bit of an alt-metal detour in the 1990s—and even if all three bands bring only half their game, you’re going to walk away from this show with a better disposition. Ozzy was right, you know?

NOW ON SALE: Ani DiFranco plays the Hard Rock Café on the Strip on March 23 ($35). The indie folk self-starter is coming to Vegas in support of new studio album ¿Which Side Are You On?, her 17th album since her 1990 debut. And with that much material to draw from, you know she’s going to give the audience all 31 flavors and then some.