Erin Bush

Captain of UNLV Rebel Girls

Year in school: Junior.

Where from: Indiantown, Fla. (attended Coronado High School in Las Vegas)

Major/occupational goals: Bush aspires to dance professionally after college, and recently changed her major from education to theater design/technology. “I liked education, but I didn’t love it,” says Bush, who decided on the switch after taking an acting class last summer. “I did church plays when I was a little kid, but wasn’t really interested in theater in high school. Dance kept me away from a lot of other extracurricular activities in high school. But after taking that acting class I found it very interesting. My acting teacher told me that I should think about directing, and so I decided to give it a try.”

Why she chose UNLV: In-state tuition played a part, but so too did a persuasive visit from Rebel Girls head coach Marca DeCastroverde. “It’s honestly the best decision I ever made,” Bush says.

How she got into dancing: Bush’s dancing career didn’t get off to a stellar start as she sat on her “mom’s lap and cried the entire first lesson when I was 5 cause I didn’t have the right dance clothes.” Things smoothed out considerably with Bush attending several national dance competitions for her studio team when she was in high school.

Outside interests: When she’s not watching movies or hanging out with her friends on the dance team, Bush can usually be found volunteering at South Hills church community in Henderson.

Favorite Rebel: Mike Moser. “He’s pretty awesome. I feel like he’s really stepped it up.”

Favorite moment during a UNLV sporting event: Bush helped lead the Rebel Girls to a fifth-place finish this year in the hip-hop division at the Collegiate Universal Dance Association Nationals. “It was an overwhelming experience this time because we really felt unified as a team when were out there on the floor and really just fed off of each other,” Bush says. “It was a truly great experience.”

Favorite song to dance to: “Good Feeling” by Flo Rida.

Best way to get the crowd going: “Once the Rebels cheer starts, everyone’s involved,” Bush says. “Also, when we do our special dance routine once a year that we are going to use at nationals—everyone loves that.”

Bet you didn’t know this: “I was home-schooled until high school, and because of that I did a lot of outside projects with my mom,” Bush says. “I became really interested in nature, insects. Nothing really freaks me out too much.”