American Head Charge

The Cheyenne Saloon, Jan. 21

Recently reunited industrial metal band American Head Charge plowed into Las Vegas with so much aggression that there was nothing left standing. They haven’t played Las Vegas in years, and many excited fans were waiting in anticipation.

Mesmerizing and almost seemingly possessed lead vocalist Cameron Heacock proved that American Head Charge is back, sounding bigger and better than ever. Head Charge’s dual ax attack of guitarists Karma Cheema and Sin Quirin decimated the audience and created a wall of sound so thick, even Phil Spector would have been impressed.

“Sugars of Someday,” a new song with an infectious groove and killer hook, garnered a lot of praise, and once the eerie keyboard line began one of their first singles, “Just So You Know,” the audience reached a fever pitch. In true American Head Charge controversial fashion, they closed their set with a cover of Patti Smith’s “Rock ’n’ Roll Nigger.” ★★★★☆

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