(R) ★★★☆☆

In this globe-trotting revenge thriller, mixed martial arts star and Las Vegan Gina Carano delivers some serious beatdowns. Special operative Mallory (Carano) is being set up for a double cross and suspects as much. After whomping her partner (Channing Tatum), she takes a hostage (Michael Angarano) and drives. Along the way, she beats up her ex/overseer (Ewan McGregor) and another operative (Michael Fassbender), all the while defying untrustworthy authority figures (Michael Douglas and Antonio Banderas).

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A Narrow Slice of Life

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A Narrow Slice of Life

By Michael Phillips

Some movies arrive pre-stamped with a consensus opinion. With The Iron Lady, the consensus so far is this: Meryl Streep excels as Margaret Thatcher. And the movie itself does not work. Well, you know, she is good. After all the lousy, technically slovenly work this hack has given us, it’s about time. But I find the film itself more intriguing and, odd as it sounds, given its subject, more delicate than its advance notice. Yes, it’s a strangely de-politicized portrait of Britain’s first female prime minister. But what’s there is actually enough.