(R) ★★★☆☆

In this globe-trotting revenge thriller, mixed martial arts star and Las Vegan Gina Carano delivers some serious beatdowns. Special operative Mallory (Carano) is being set up for a double cross and suspects as much. After whomping her partner (Channing Tatum), she takes a hostage (Michael Angarano) and drives. Along the way, she beats up her ex/overseer (Ewan McGregor) and another operative (Michael Fassbender), all the while defying untrustworthy authority figures (Michael Douglas and Antonio Banderas).

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Inside Sean Rose’s album release

Inside Sean Rose’s album release On Jan. 10 at Digital Insight Studios, Las Vegas MC Sean Rose treated his closest friends and supporters to an advance listening of his upcoming full-length album, Overdrive, scheduled for a Feb. 10 release. Inside a dimly lit studio space, where glasses of champagne were coupled with sandwiches to keep the audience of 50 relaxed, Rose and producer Cameron Osteen presented the album in its entirety. The music proved that his appearance on MTV.com’s RapFix Live was no fluke.