(R) ★★★☆☆

Remember the name Adepero Oduye. The luminous actress, along with adept writer/director Dee Rees, makes this new, coming-of-age drama exceptional. Oduye plays Alike, a young woman slowly coming out as a lesbian, with various members of her family and friends. We see Alike in her butch persona at a club, and then she transforms on the bus ride home into the dutiful, presumptively hetero daughter her parents assume her to be. Rees packs a lot into a simple narrative, and only rarely overpacks.

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Tour Buzz


Tour Buzz

By Geoff Carter

THE GUARD: The mighty Wu-Tang Clan is coming to the House of Blues on Jan. 19 ($45-$50). According to reviews of Wu-Tang's latest tour, they're coming at Vegas hard. "The legendary collective possessed more energy than artists half its age … The venue was insane throughout, with people rattling railings, throwing up W signs and generally behaving as if their minds were melting," wrote's Joe Sweeney of a Dec. 26 show in Buffalo, N.Y. (He also noted that Ghostface Killah and Raekwon aren't with the group on this tour.



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