Radio Nowhere, Now on Sale

Anyone can podcast; only the media elite get to broadcast. If you’ve dreamed of being the next Rush Limbaugh but had trouble attracting an audience amid the cacophony of the Internet, here’s your chance to send wisdom rolling over the airwaves of Southern Nevada, from North Las Vegas to Mesquite.

KXLI, a 100,000-watt commercial radio station at 94.5-FM, is up for sale on eBay. As of press time, the bidding is up to $95,000—well short of the buy-it-now price of $8.95 million. That would buy you a studio, production equipment and everything else you need to get on the air.

Why eBay? Because listing it there generates stories like this one, says owner Scott Mahalick, who bought the Moapa station five years ago but has since left Las Vegas to work for a country music station in Portland, Ore. “It certainly is creating a lot of interest and inquiries,” Mahalick says. “It’s a different way to think about it. And Vegas is a different place.”

If you’re balking at the price, consider that KXLI was once worth $22 million, according to Mahalick. Thank the down economy for the steep price cut.

Get your bid in quick. As of Jan. 23, Mahalick says, there was a possible deal in the works, and the auction ends at 8 p.m. Jan. 29.