Rock ’n’ Roll Is Dull

The headlines tell the story. “Mick Jagger was in the frozen-food section aisle at Tesco.” “I helped Beck find a book.” “I gave Neil Young a brochure on hemorrhoids.” Did I Ever Tell You About The Time… is the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame of boring rock-star encounters; the names are impressive, while the context in which they appear is flat and uninspired. The main difference between this Tumblr blog and the Hall of Fame is that this blog knows that its subjects are composed of the same boring biology as we are, and it deflates ego at every turn. Even when the headline promises an interesting, possibly life-changing story (“I threw bananas belonging to Jack White into a canal”), the accounts of the actual events go to great lengths to disappoint (“I once acquired some bananas that belonged to Jack White. I transported them from Dublin, back to Birmingham, and then threw them into a canal. I can’t remember why.”). Bonus: The site is apparently British, so you’ll get to read about close encounters with musicians you truly never cared (or even knew) existed, such as Robbie Williams, Cliff Richard and Fish.