Brunch with the Burning Angels at First

Only my colleague Al Mancini, a co-author of Eating Las Vegas, could have arranged the porn star brunch we ate Sunday at First Food and Bar. The irrepressible Sammy D, who just opened a restaurant called Sammy D’s at Harrah’s in Atlantic City, was only too happy to create a five-dish brunch and cocktail pairings for the equation.

I must confess I had never heard of, but then I’m not big on porn sites. After meeting Joanna Angel and Krista Kaos, though, I might just have to peek. If you see my wife, tell her I was with you.

Mancini, perv that he is, sat me next to a dominatrix. She didn’t eat much, and we exchanged few words after I asked if there would be a charge for calling her Mommy. As usual, Sammy D delivered on all fronts. If you see his wife, tell her she was with me.

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