“Take Criticism Gracefully” and Other Do’s and Don’ts of Pool Auditions

So, you’re thinking of auditioning for Vegas’ party pools — maybe even the auditions today and tomorrow for Bare and Liquid being held from 1-6 p.m. at Haze. You’re blessed with endless patience and thighs impervious to carbs. Congratulations! We look forward appreciating your assets this summer. Now you just have to get hired. But before you fire up the spray tanner, listen to the experts.

1. Make a great first impression.
“Do look your best. We need to be able to imagine what you will look like in the uniform. Bring your personality. We want to know that you are engaging, and can provide guests with the best time possible.” — Ashley Jinjoe, cocktail supervisor, Encore Beach Club

2. Don’t forget the basics.
“Fill out applications neatly and completely, display self-confidence, offer a firm handshake and look the interviewer in the eye—but don’t stare him or her down.” — Ian Kohoutek, director of nightlife/daylife, Hard Rock Hotel & Casino

4. Be qualified.
“Pole dancing is not a required skill set, nor is it the same thing as bartending. You’re good looking and people like to stare at you but please do know how to carry an intelligent conversation.” — Thomas Marth, nightlife marketing manager, Hard Rock Hotel & Casino

3. Accentuate the positive.
“Display a sense of humor. Keep comments positive. Don’t smoke or chew gum, even if offered or if the interviewer does so.” — Ian Kohoutek, director of nightlife/daylife, Hard Rock Hotel & Casino

5. Put down the self-tanner.
“Do not overly apply self tanner or bake in a tanning booth for five days straight to make up for the winter months. Men shouldn’t arrive oiled and shiny for their photos, and there is no need to wear sunglasses inside.” — Hing Yip Yim, director of operations, Marquee Dayclub and Tao Beach

6. Be healthy and realistic.
“Run at least three miles a day and have good balance and coordination. Don’t cake on the makeup. You will be working in 120-degree heat and it will melt off in the summer.” — Rachel Wenman, marketing manager, N9NE Group Las Vegas

7. The final word.
“Do not come hung over. Judges know what it looks like when you’ve been out all night and just rolled out of bed five minutes before interviews.” — Courtney Tulp, pool general manager, Hard Rock Hotel & Casino