Big Game Menu, Society Café

Don’t be fooled. What’s served at any Super Bowl party is just as important as how big the TV is. Fittingly, chef Kim Canteenwalla puts out a spread that goes beyond wings. For one low price, guests can graze on filet-mignon sliders, cheeseburgers and pulled-pork varieties, along with all-beef mini dogs with house-made chili, Reuben pot stickers and mac ’n’ cheese bites. And don’t worry, Society has seven plasma screen TVs. Feb. 5 only, $95 per person, in Encore, 248-3463.

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Peking Duck, Food Express

Dishing With Grace

Peking Duck, Food Express

By Grace Bascos

Palace Station's unassumingly named but traditionally authentic Chinese restaurant offers Peking Duck, a must for Lunar New Year. The skin of the duck is crispy and shiny with a nearly lacquer-red finish, and is served with steamed buns for guests to create their own duck bao. Place slices of duck into the warm bao and dress with accouterments of scallions, cucumber and hoisin sauce for a bit of crunchy texture to go along with juicy and tender duck. $40, in Palace Station, 367-2411.