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Walking into “Karaoke XXX” is like walking into the Rio’s dirty secret. Tucked away in the King’s Room, an intimate club off the main casino floor, porn stars, fans and karaoke enthusiasts flock to this sexy weekly event (10 p.m. Mondays, $5,

From the outskirts, it might look like a regular night of karaoke in Vegas—a dark, smoky lounge with sticky floors, filled with middle-aged drunk people, ass-bearing sparkly sequined miniskirts, a couple of creepers hidden in the corners and off-key ballads belted from the stage. What’s different about “Karaoke XXX,” though, is that half of those people are porn stars who are popping bottles, getting a little provocative with their fans and each other and maybe singing karaoke.

Although the event is named “Karaoke XXX,” the emphasis is undoubtedly on the XXX. Of course, there’s karaoke, but it’s the sex appeal that’s front and center. Sexual innuendos abound. (“It’s not a party until someone swallows,” hostess Tara Lynn Foxx announced on Jan. 16 as she spouted off specials for shots called “Orgasms” and “Blue Balls.”) Games keep it entertaining; the most popular is “15 Minutes With a Porn Star,” where the audience member who has the most in common with the porn star gets to spend 15 minutes at the host’s table. And the karaoke song choices, such as Divinyls’ “I Touch Myself,” add to the spicy theme. As long as it’s legal, it goes.

Since December 2009, when co-owner Rebecca Love launched “Karaoke XXX,” it has been luring locals out to dive bars around the Valley to party with porn stars. Local adult actresses as well as touring ones have stopped in to make an appearance or even host.

As “Karaoke XXX” gained popularity it became more mainstream, recently graduating from its hole-in-the-wall beginnings to its new home at The Rio. “Five years ago, this wouldn’t have been possible,” says Pete Housley, the event’s other co-owner. “But today, porn and mainstream get closer and closer all the time.”

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