Good Greens

Cheyenne Saloon, Jan. 25

Not just any band can draw a hefty crowd on a Wednesday night, but Good Greens can. With their body-grooving style of reggae-rap, this local six-piece kicked off a set that felt more like a house party than a concert. And the crowd responded by dancing and singing along. Good Greens has been jamming out since 2010, and in that time they have cultivated a clean, radio-quality sound. They kept that sound fresh by alternating leading instruments on each song. Saxophonist Randall Logan led the highly contagious “Ojos Rojos,” whose chorus sticks in your head.

Adding to the house party vibe, Good Greens invited some local musicians onstage to perform a couple of collaborations. PJ from Arising Tide backed up Zen One’s vocals on the bubbly yet relaxed jam “Get Me High.” Hip-hop veteran HighDro dropped a verse on “Yo Biz’Niz,” a ditty addressing nosy people. Good Greens are working their first full-length album, but until it’s released, you can find free downloads on their Facebook page. ★★★☆☆

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