Perry Leads 1OAK Grand Opening

You may think you’ve been going to 1 Oak for the past year, but that’s just been like going to an old, abandoned church and telling everyone you’re up to date on confession.

Now, though, it’s official: The Mirage’s new joint has been pop-culture consecrated. Katy Perry came in Jan. 27 for the club’s official grand opening. You may now shed the secret shame you held for visiting a venue in the throes of soft opening.

It was Perry’s first time stepping out in public without British chew toy Russell Brand mucking things up. She came out to help Markus Molinari’s charity efforts on behalf of GiveLove, which helps with housing and sanitation efforts in Haiti.

Charity co-founders Patricia Arquette and Rosetta Getty were on hand to take charge of a $50,000 donation. Also coming out for the evening were Paris and Nicky Hilton, David Arquette with girlfriend Christina McLarty, Balthazar Getty, Scott Disick, Chris Evans, and Christina Milian.

Perry didn’t perform, instead ceding the stage to friend and pop singer Ferras. In fact, aside from ducking out early when oil heir Brandon Davis allegedly started brawling with fruit heir Justin Murdock, Perry kept things low-key. Or as low key as someone with a publicly fizzled marriage, boobs that shoot fireworks and bright blue hair really can.

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