Punk-rock flower power

It’s February and love is in the air, so let me tell you about a punk-rock fairy tale. I mean, is there anything more punk than a free wedding? I don’t think so.

You can’t swing a rose bouquet in Enchanted Florist (3261 S. Highland Drive, Suite 604) without hitting a punk-rocker. The shop prides itself on hiring artists—every employee has a background in art and music. Or, more accurately, punk music. Shop co-owner Kathryn Null used to sing in an all-female act the Dirty Panties; employee Michelle “Lil Moe” Meyer currently plays bass in the Panties; and employee Tom Carr is the guitarist for my favorite local punk act, the Quitters. Enchanted co-owner Dr. Teresa Stewart Meli, meanwhile, earned a doctorate in instrumental-conducting from UNLV and taught classes on punk rock-history before opening the shop with Null in 1984. (Meli’s hubbie Doug is a noted ska-punk saxophonist.)

Now for the fairy tale part. A couple weeks ago, employees Stacey Reddick and Rob DeTie (bassist for local punk band the Happy Campers) tied the knot at what was to be a mock ceremony during a Vegas bridal expo. Only the faux—like Josie and the Pussycats covering Black Flag—turned real. (The couple had planned to wed this summer anyway.) But the best part was the sight of tatted, pierced and lovely Reddick adorned in a $7,000 Vera Wang gown she didn’t pay for, days after she and DeTie picked up their wedding license in dirty downtown Vegas. Now that’s frickin’ punk! Visit LasVegasFloral.com for info on Enchanted Florist.

Speaking of punk, there’s another chance to see the band I raved about all of last year: Deadhand. This fire-breathing trio plays the Bunkhouse Saloon (124 S. 11th St.) 9 p.m. Feb. 5 with Banner Pilot, TheCore and Murder Majesty. I keep hoping a smart label such as Epitaph will scoop up Deadhand and turn them into a bestselling Hot Topic T-shirt, but so far—at least from what I hear—lots of nibbles but no bites.

The Quitters (whose guitarist I mentioned above) are slated to play what looks to be a killer show at Bikini Bar (3355 Spring Mountain Road) 9 p.m. Feb. 8 with San Antonio’s The Heroine, plus The People’s Whiskey and my favorite band name of 2012, Aluminum Falcon. The Heroine will no doubt shoot you up with their struttin’, swaggerin’, sweaty, alcohol-soaked bar-blues-punk, except you won’t be nodding off to high-octane rockers “The Ballad of Lenny King.” Shit sounds like a speedball, actually. Punk-scene blogger (OneThirtyEight.org) and drumming maniac Gilbert Estrada (The Loud Pipes, Suite 666) is in Aluminum Falcon, so I definitely need to check ’em out, too.

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