Saget Fine, But Opener as Welcome as a Third Olsen

After seeing Bob Saget’s live show, it occurred to me that the man best known for playing Danny Tanner on Full House is just like your favorite camp counselor growing up. He may not be that cool, but he’s funny, likable and just makes you have a good time—which actually makes him cool.

His best work at the Orleans Showroom Jan. 28 was when he interacted with the crowd, riffing when someone in the audience would pipe up. It’s a credit to him that the crowd felt so at home they were comfortable playing along. His recall of everything that anybody in the room told him was impressive. He was always able to tag a story with a callback to something one of the audience members had said.

His set jokes aren’t the best, and his songs, which composed the second half of his act, aren’t the most unique. But that didn’t stop the enthused audience from singing along to ditties such as “My Dog Licked My Balls.” Saget’s bread and butter, though was anything Full House-related, like when one audience shouted out that after the show he was going to party at the Smash Club–a Jesse and the Rippers reference that another audience member had to explain to Saget.

As delightful as Bob Saget was, his opener, Frazer Smith, was just as awful. He began his set with stock jokes (jokes that are familiar and he didn’t write) about LeBron James. Then he touched on events as current as Arnold Schwarzenegger impregnating his nanny, former president George W. Bush and Angelina Jolie adopting children. He still found a way to shoehorn in jokes about the Clippers being lousy, even though they haven’t been for a couple of years. It’s a comic’s job to continue to tweak his act and eliminate material that has no pulse today.

Of all the comedians I’ve ever seen perform at hotels in Las Vegas, this might have been the lamest, most pathetic effort I’ve witnessed given by a professional. Smith not only owed it to Saget, but to the paying audience, to give a much better, more prideful showing. Maybe next time, Saget can just get Dave Coulier to do a set of impressions.