Tour Buzz

RIOTING CONTINUES: Wow, I haven’t thought of Cherry Poppin’ Daddies in years. True, the Eugene, Ore.-based ska/swing band is very nearly the definition of a one-hit wonder, but “Zoot Suit Riot” was one hell of a hit—the best of the late ’90s swing revival—and besides, it’s not every band that earns itself a Weird Al Yankovic parody. (“Grapefruit Diet.”) The Daddies have blinked in and out of existence since forming in 1989 (they even took a five-year hiatus, from ’01-’06), but for the time being they seem to be solid enough, and even if there’s no longer a swing revival, or even much of a ska revival to support them, they’re still making brisk, upbeat music with punchy horns, the very sound that our casino forebears once built grand showrooms to capture live. These guys would be perfect for a Vegas residency, if they could manage to hang around here that long. They play Ovation at Green Valley Ranch at 8 p.m. Feb. 4 ($25 and up).

BROCCOLI REVIVAL: Yes, I know: Dana Carvey isn’t a musician; he’s a stand-up comic with a lovely singing voice. But you already know about Mötley Crüe’s Hard Rock residency, and I needed a performer for this second spot … and I thought, hey, who better than Garth Algar? Who better than the guy who wrote “Choppin’ Broccoli?” Besides, the guy is funny—and not in the unintentional way that Vince Neil can be sometimes. Carvey will perform at the Orleans Showroom at 8 p.m. Feb. 3-4 ($60.50-$88), and isn’t that special?

NOW ON SALE: The Shins play the Boulevard Pool at the Cosmopolitan on April 13 ($50). They’re touring behind Port of Morrow, their first album of new material since 2007—and from the sound of its first single, “Simple Song,” they’ve finally manned up a bit; it’s the first Shins song I’ve ever wanted to crank up loud. It’ll play real nice poolside.