The Real Reggie Smith: Coming Soon

Reggie Smith, the lightning-quick transfer from Marquette, got off to a late start for the Rebels, but look for him to be an important part of the mix as the postseason approaches. I say that partly because some of the players will be tired and banged, but also because the sophomore guard is starting to understand the offensive and defensive schemes that the coaches are teaching. With his speed, jumping ability and understanding of the game he creates a problem for many of his opponents.

In a way he reminds me of Anderson Hunt, who also had great jumping ability and good speed. Of course, it would take quite a bit of work to fill Anderson Hunt’s shoes—after all, he won a National Championship, dazzled fans with countless high-flying dunks and delighted them with game winning jumpers.

But Reggie Smith has just as much talent. If you ever watch him in warm-ups before the games, you will ask yourself how can a guy that small get up so high. The coaching staff is happy with his progress and looking forward to more production from him. As for now, Reggie says he will wait for his number to be called, because he is anxious to show the crowd the real Reggie Smith.