The Grey

(R) ★★★☆☆

This film stars Liam Neeson as a heartbroken loner named John Ottway, on the verge of suicide as his plane crashes in the Alaskan wilderness. Ottway and his surviving fellow refinery workers must brave horrible conditions and a hungry pack of wolves on their trail. The film takes some time to let its characters ruminate on their circumstances, a nice touch, and the scenery is mostly real, shot on location in gorgeous northern British Columbia. A solid January surprise.

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Good Greens


Good Greens

By Michelle Franco

Not just any band can draw a hefty crowd on a Wednesday night, but Good Greens can. With their body-grooving style of reggae-rap, this local six-piece kicked off a set that felt more like a house party than a concert. And the crowd responded by dancing and singing along. Good Greens has been jamming out since 2010, and in that time they have cultivated a clean, radio-quality sound. They kept that sound fresh by alternating leading instruments on each song. Saxophonist Randall Logan led the highly contagious “Ojos Rojos,” whose chorus sticks in your head.



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