Hey DJ, Put a Ring on It

Meet the real DJ wives of Las Vegas

Nowhere near desperate, these ladies are the loves, best friends and rock-solid inspiration to some of Las Vegas’ most popular guys behind the decks. The wives of DJs Stellar, Vice and Digital Boy give Vegas Seven the scoop on their romance with the DJs that got them falling in love.

Abbi Peltier-Garcia

Hubby: DJ Stellar, a.k.a. Dave Garcia.

Married since: Dec. 30, 2009.

What she does: “Cute little housewife”; former nightclub cocktail waitress.

What are some of the best perks of being married to a DJ?

If you like a fast-paced lifestyle like I do, this is the way to go. There’s never really a dull moment. I’ve gotten to go all over the world with Dave. It’s like a nonstop party. But he has his head on his shoulders, so it’s like responsible partying, a good time with memories to last forever.

Stellar has a tattoo of your initials on his ring finger. What other romantic things does he surprise you with?

There are so many! When we first got engaged I didn’t have any tattoos and he has so many. I told him I wanted to get a tattoo for him. He got me this book, 100 Ways to Say I Love You, and there was this one that said, “I love you forever”—it’s the infinity sign with hearts. I said, “I’m gonna get this before you come home,” and the next morning he went and got it in Amsterdam. [Laughing] I was like, “Dang it, now I really have to do it!”

Angela Aguirre

Hubby: DJ Vice, a.k.a. Eric Aguirre.

Married since: Dec. 9, 2011.

What she does: Runs her blog, ImWithTheDeeJay.com; is a certified life coach.

Vice is a very well recognized DJ, especially here in Vegas. How have you shaken jealousy issues, especially regarding girls and fans flocking to him?

The most important things are trust and communication. I want him to always tell me what’s going on, but I don’t ask him to check in. When a man knows you trust him and you give him that freedom, he doesn’t want to mess it up. When you have those two things, it’s like you don’t even give that vibe out that you’re available.

Do you two have “a song”?

“I’m in Love,” by Alex Gaudino. It was our song that we put on our wedding invite, we walked down the aisle to it and into the reception. Every time we’re in the club he’ll play it to get my attention and I’ll rush up.

Ornella Contu

Hubby: Digital Boy, a.k.a. Luca Pretolesi.

Married since: Aug. 5, 2003.

What she does: Executive director of Digital Music Inc., an artist management and entertainment production company.

How did you two meet?

I was 18 years old, in Italy, and signed up for a DJ school, and I met my [now] husband because he was teaching. When you graduated you had to do a back-to-back DJ set with your teacher, and I actually did it with my husband and it was the best night of my life. After the 2,000th time that he’d asked me out, and six months after the school was done, we had our first date, over eating gelato. So I found the person I was going to be with for the rest of my life.

You have been together for almost 20 years! How do you make it work?

Life is not easy as a couple, that’s for sure. You have ups and downs, and most of our fights are not personal, they are about work. I’ll think something should be done in a certain way and Luca has different opinions. But in the end you need to be with a person you can listen to and a person you really trust. It’s not that difficult if you try to balance, you need to do a little bit what you think and a little bit of him and it comes out fantastic. Everything you share should be with him. You work things out for the best, and if you had a bad day, he doesn’t have anything to do with that. You need to try.

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