Love on Fire, Sushi Roku

Sometimes love isn’t meant to be, but at least the time-tested relationship between surf and turf is a match made in heaven. This contemporary Japanese restaurant created a version infused with Eastern flair, offering fresh lobster tail with ponzu-soy early spring butter alongside filet mignon marinated in Asian barbecue sauce. $48, in the Forum Shops at Caesars, 733-7373,

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Slam ’em!

Slam ’em!

By Xania Woodman

It doesn’t get more Southern or quintessentially rock ’n’ roll than the Alabama Slammer. But, in the spirit of reinvention, Ellis has taken a cue from his friend and colleague Jeffrey Morgenthaler of Portland, Ore.’s mixology hot spot, Clyde Common. Ellis carbonates then bottles his Alabama Slammer, and serves the little beauties at Lynyrd Skynyrd for just $6 a pop. You can do it, too. And it’s neither difficult nor expensive.