Traveling Light

There’s a service in town called Bags to Go ( that, for the very reasonable price of $10 per bag, will transport your luggage from your hotel to McCarran International Airport and run it through security for you. It isn’t new, but it recently expanded from serving only the Venetian to serving six hotels. No longer a quirky exception, the proxy approach just might become the new rule.

It’s a time-honored kind of economic diversification: The more annoying life becomes, the more we’re willing to pay extra to get around the annoyances. And, when it comes to travel, life is getting pretty annoying. In a resort town like ours, TSA should have spawned entire cottage industries by now.

A company called The Vegas Box ( is celebrating its first birthday this month, and it’s a perfect example of what enterprising minds can achieve in the Age of Inconvenience. For $99 a year, the company will store all the stuff you buy here but can’t take home in your carry-on luggage: bottles of booze, industrial-size cans of Axe body spray, guns, etc. The necessities.

Luggage has become such an albatross that it’s tempting to travel empty-handed and store everything in each port of call. Why not take The Vegas Box to the next level and start a business that allows you to store an entire life here: house, spouse, kids, car? We’ve certainly got enough empty suburban boxes for the idea to take off.