Lindsay Cotterman

Member of UNLV Rebel Girls

Year in school: Sophomore.

Where from: Las Vegas (attended Silverado High).

Major/occupational goals: Cotterman says she aspires to dance professionally after college and then “continue her passion by opening her own studio someday.” But the psychology major also has dreams of working as an FBI agent. “I find analyzing and studying people’s behavior very interesting. Plus I watch Criminal Minds a lot, so I kind of want to be like them I guess.”

Why she chose UNLV: Cotterman became hooked on her hometown school after seeing the Rebel Girls perform during her senior year at Silverado. But she says there was never really any doubt where she would continue her education: “I never had any intentions of going out of state because Las Vegas has been my home for the past 19 years and I love the environment as well as the community.”

How she got into dancing: She started dancing when she was 5, and trained competitively in jazz, ballet, tap, lyrical and hip-hop until seventh grade. She cheered throughout middle school and high school before getting the itch to return to dance at the end of her senior year.

Outside interests: Cotterman loves arts and crafts and anything that involves the outdoors, but “while I don’t look like the reading type, I’m an avid reader,” she says. “I’ll even bring a book to our practices.”

Favorite Rebel: Hey Reb. “Hey, he’s the epitome of a Rebel.”

Favorite moment during a UNLV sporting event: “When Hey Reb was crowd surfing earlier this year. I’d never seen that done before, and it just shows everyone in the crowd working together.”

Favorite song to dance to: “The Motto” by Drake and Lil Wayne.

Best way to get the crowd going: Cotterman says between the Rebel Girls, Hey Reb and the Rebellion starting chants, the crowd has no choice but to follow. “I think our enthusiasm spreads through the crowd like wildfire, and everyone comes together.”

Bet you didn’t know this: “I used to skateboard during middle school. Most people do not see me as the aggressive type, but I have a side to me that is very athletic and daring. I used to do all that stuff, skateboard, BMX, all that. But I stopped because: 1) I was getting hurt, and 2) I couldn’t do a kick flip, so I kept getting mad and just quit.”