Avoiding Buyer’s Remorse

NOTHING SPOILS a day of shopping more than buyer’s remorse. Here are some easy tips to eliminate it from your sprees.

Create a budget and stick with it. Overindulgence is probably the No. 1 reason for buyer’s remorse. When making a purchase, pay with cash or a debit card, not a credit card. Going into debt for fashion is foolish.

Try it on. Sizes vary from label to label. If you’re a size 10 dress in Michael Kors, you may find you’re a size 12 in Marc Jacobs. So try it on, and be sure it fits. And be sure it complements your body type, too. What looks good on a straight-figured woman may not look as good on a woman shaped like an hourglass. Additionally, what looks like a potato sack on a hanger may look stunning on you. Always try before you buy (or before you say, “That won’t look good on me”).

Prepare for checkout before checking out. Prior to approaching the counter, note the prices of everything you are buying, especially if it’s on sale. Learn the store’s return policies, and keep in mind which items have a security tag. If you do get home and a security tag is still attached, do not attempt removal. You may permanently damage your purchase and forfeit your right to return it for a full refund.

Pay attention at checkout. Make sure everything rings up correctly, security tags are removed and you get a receipt.

Keep your receipts. Wait a day, then try on your buys once more before wearing. Don’t trash a receipt until you are definite about keeping the purchase.