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+Priscilla+, Purple Naked Ladies and Illustrated Example

Dark, Moody R&B

JMSN +Priscilla+ (Self-Released)

JMSN writes, produces, engineers, mixes, directs and plays a bunch of instruments. The fact that he is a Mr. Do-It-All contributes heavily to the consistency found in his debut studio album, +Priscilla+. JMSN’s sound is like a mixture between Radiohead, Prince and ’90s R&B. It’s moody, sort of dark and kind of eerie, but it sounds really impressive. He’s a little lighter than The Weeknd, but the vibes fall along those lines. +Priscilla+ is indeed about a woman named Priscilla, with whom he reflects on a relationship gone sour. He broods about cuddling with his favorite liquor on “Jameson” as the haunting vocals and lurching harmonica float along the echoing drums and airy strings. “Alone” grinds along as scarce drums back JMSN’s crooning while his falsetto on “Something” feels appropriate for a steamy sex scene. What JMSN represents is different than the cheesy radio R&B heard today, it’s a little bit deeper, a lot darker and incredibly refreshing. ★★★★☆

Quirky Soul

The Internet Purple Naked Ladies (Odd Future Records)

California’s Odd Future may best be known for the eccentric rapper Tyler, The Creator, but the crew does have other artful sides to explore aside from the offensive raps for which the collective is mostly known. Enter Syd Tha Kyd and producer Matt Martian, who double as a duo known as “The Internet.” Their debut, Purple Naked Ladies, is a mixture of glitchy soul and offbeat musical posturing. Strange? Absolutely. Intriguing? For sure. Songs such as “Love Song -1” and the Tay Walker-assisted “They Say/Shangrila” are relaxing grooves that you could envision hearing at your local speakeasy. But the album swerves down eccentric street and will lose its new fans with quirky offerings such as “She DGAF,” where Syd’s singing of “She don’t give a fuck” grate against a mellow backdrop. Although tracks such as “Cunt” meander along aimlessly and the vocals occasionally clash with the schizophrenic production (“Ode to a Dream”), The Internet delivers something that showcases yet another side of the OFWGKTA collective. Good luck trying to put it in a box, just appreciate it for what it is. ★★☆☆☆

Introspective Hip-Hop

Marion Write Illustrated Example (Flo Deep Music Group)

Las Vegas MC Marion Write has been making waves on the local circuit for some time now, while slowly spreading his reach to the tastemaker blogs that recognize his talent. In his debut album, Illustrated Example, he couples sound production with introspective lyricism. The production—handled by the likes of DJ Finyl, the Outerlimits and Token—is impressive as it combines heavy-hitting boom bap with soul. Lyrically, he is just as solid. Write projects self-awareness with a Vegas state-of-mind on songs such as the impressive “Field of the Dollar.” He can flex lyrical muscle when necessary as evidenced on “Slow Down,” featuring Skyzoo. Despite some lulls in the middle of the album, courtesy of the girl-friendly “Four Seasons” and mundane hook on “Here We Go,” Illustrated Example is certainly an impressive introduction to one of Las Vegas’ brightest up-and-comers. ★★★☆☆

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