Goths Occurring in Nature

What with their pale complexions, black velvet capes and art collections thick with Brian Froud, you may be tempted to believe that you haven’t much in common with the average goth. But that fact is that you have much more in common with Joe and Betty Goth than you know. Goths vote, take relaxing ocean cruises, drive cars, explain complex Venn diagrams in whiteboard meetings and climb the occasional tree. Maybe it’s something about the way bark feels against leather, or the sure way those witch heels dig into the trunk, but goths love to climb trees. In fact, there’s an entire blog devoted to this phenomenon, the aptly named Goths Up Trees, where you can see this wintery cultural subset in harmony with nature. There are boy goths and girl goths, young goths and old—and every damned one of them is up a tree, looking petulant or quizzical or simply happy. Each photo is rated, on a scale of one to five, from an unknown set of criteria (striped socks are good, smearing your face with fake blood is bad), but you don’t need to consider the ratings or really understand what makes someone goth in the first place to love this blog. You only need appreciate a world with trees in it, and ample goths to fill them.