Rachel Wenman

Marketing Manager, N9NE Group; age 26

“My most prized possessions are a Rolex watch, diamond earrings and a pair of cuff links. My mom gave me the watch as she had promised while I was growing up. The diamond earrings were also from my mother and were made from the stones of a bracelet my grandmother left for me when she passed away. The cuff links belonged to my grandfather in the ’50s, and he wore them to work when he was a dealer downtown at the Boulder Club. These items keep me grounded and let me remember the good times and amazing people that helped get me where I am today.”`

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The Karl Kraze


The Karl Kraze

If you’ve ever wanted to steal the monochromatic look of the reining prince of fashion, now’s the time. Karl Lagerfeld, the man at the helm of Chanel and Fendi, has partnered with Net-A-Porter to release an affordably priced ready-to-wear collection styled after­—who else?­—himself. The goodies, which consist of mostly black-and-white pieces, include Lagerfeld’s signature high collars and fingerless gloves, along with skinny jeans, PVC tops and faux leather pants. We love the Sabine sequined shorts, which are oh so perfect for nights out.



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