Vintage Trouble

The Cosmopolitan’s Book & Stage, Feb. 10

Imagine yourself back some 40 years ago. You’re in a blues club and a band comes on that commands your attention, grabs ahold tight and doesn’t let go until the entire crowd is exhausted from cutting a rug. That is exactly what the rock/soul/blues outfit Vintage Trouble did during their powerful 90-minute set. As a crowd of passersby gathered to hear the sound reverberating from the casino-side lounge, the dapperly dressed L.A. quartet, led by frontman Ty Taylor, ripped through their U.K.-acclaimed album, The Bomb Shelter Sessions. They then slid into newer material, which took their soulful sound and fused it with ’70s rock. From the electric “Blues Hand Me Down,” to the finger-snapping sing-along “You Better Believe It,” to the beautifully crafted “24-7 365 Satisfaction Man,” Taylor displayed a confidence and bravado that demanded attention and crowd interaction. When you factor in the slick guitar licks from Nalle Colt, Vintage Trouble is a band that can take a party from good to unforgettable. ★★★★☆

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