Wall-to-Wall Weave

Design maven partners with rug manufacturer on a new collection

Genevieve Gorder is a household name. On her HGTV show Dear Genevieve, people from all over write to the interior designer hoping she can turn a cluttered, bad-looking basement into a beautiful livable space. Her design sensibility and ability to transform interiors, coupled with her down-to-earth persona, make Gorder one of America’s most trusted designers. The go-to girl for home décor recently paired with Capel Rugs, America’s oldest and largest importer and manufacturer of area rugs, to create four fabulous collections of flat woven designs straight from the heart. Gorder stopped by the Capel Rugs showroom in the Las Vegas Design Center to chat about her classy carpets.

Who is your collection made for?

My clients are very urban. They are in a demographic that goes from 30s to early 50s, and they are buying all the houses. I am shopping all categories with a very realistic budget. And since I am originally a graphic designer, all of my patterns have that edge about them. So the flat weave is obviously a really easy rug to take care of; it wears really nicely as it’s wool; and it’s at a great price point.

How do you describe your line of rugs?

My line and my style are always pretty urban. They are all very simple and graphic. The color palette will reflect classic as well as trend, and the patterns are timeless.

Do any of your rug names—Arabesque, Puhalo Stripe, Uzbek and Wild Chev—have a special meaning behind them?

My great-grandmother was a weaver and she was a seamstress and was deep in the textile world. When I went to Croatia last summer, my great-uncle gave me all of her tablecloths and her weavings. There was a tablecloth that I loved that she wove, and that is the Puhalo Stripe pattern. It had a seam down the middle that was a little crooked, and I liked it. The red is the original color it came in, very faded red, and I tried to emulate that faded quality. So that is for her. There is always something connecting to family with everything I do.

What would a Las Vegas-inspired rug look like?

I have been in a lot of houses here, and they are oatmeal in color. These rugs definitely have a little oatmeal in them and a splash of color. So you can bring these rugs into any environment—they aren’t going to slap you in the face like painting a wall yellow would. They are going to give you a slight variation and movement. They all move you through space and they make you land. I think all of these rugs work beautifully for the desert.

Did You Know?

Flat weave rugs are woven on a loom, rather than knotted by hand. Although they tend to be less insulating than knotted rugs, they provide for a lot of versatility and are typically reversible for twice the wear—due to their flexible nature, people can use them as wall hangings, furniture drapery and more.