Shop Talk: JIMICTO

Hot on the Las Vegas fashion and style scene is fashion designer Jimi Urquiaga and his label JIMICTO (pronounced jimmy-see-toe). Young but determined, Urquiaga is already garnering attention by winning a design competition at last year’s Fashion’s Night Out and by involving himself in a movement to establish a fashion industry here in Sin City. Here’s what he has to say about fashion in Las Vegas and what he sees in his future.

LS: Take us through your design background. When did you start designing?

JU: I started designing at 15 in my sophomore year in high school. My fashion teacher taught me all the basics. I started making tote bags. I sold them around school and made a MySpace page to showcase the looks and they became pretty popular. After that, I started a T-shirt line. I also threw my first fashion show at Las Vegas High School with that line. I started having fashion show after fashion show in very random places such as Frozen 75, my grandmother’s backyard and even Towbin Dodge. But slowly with time, I started to teach myself new skills and techniques. After my seventh fashion show, I saw all the work I was putting into putting a show together and I thought about making it an art festival. Little did I know that the little art festival I started two years ago would transform into one of my passions in life: F.A.M. Festival!