The Darkness

House of Blues, Feb. 17

A-grade butt-rock never sounded better. Or looked better, as falsetto-voiced, garb-changing frontman Justin Hawkins—decked in skin-tight, red-white-and-blue leathers—preened and strutted onstage like a young David Lee Roth on Bolivian marching powder. “Black Shuck” (from the quartet’s 2003 breakout debut, Permission to Land) totally killed, causing dozens in the audience to cell-cam the moment. Fans were treated to cowbell-crazed riff monster “One Way Ticket to Hell” and, after Hawkins removed his shirt and donned a top hat, acoustic ballad “Holding My Own.” But it was when the crowd carried Hawkins across the room as he continued playing lead guitar that it crystallized: Las Vegas loves these British glam rockers; and the Darkness loves this rock-hungry town right back. ★★★★☆

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