Dr. John Henner

Emergency Medicine

A good doctor always … listens to his patients. I think a good physician needs to have good listening skills. Ninety percent of the time, if you listen closely and pay attention to the patient, they will tell you what’s going on with them, and you don’t need to get a bunch of studies.

My typical patient is … never typical. The beautiful thing about emergency medicine is I can go from a room where I see a 30-day-old child to the next room and see a 90-year-old patient. Each individual patient can be very different, and that’s kind of the definition of the specialty of emergency medicine, the ability to care for all comers.

My biggest headache is … dealing with all of the regulatory influences on medicine that somewhat restrain the way we’d like to practice medicine.

The best advice I give … is preventative medicine—stop smoking; exercise; watch your diet. Take care of yourself, so a physician doesn’t have to take care of you.

The best advice I’ve gotten … is to keep up with the changing pace of medicine. You have to realize that if you’re not getting better, and the next guy is getting better, then you’re actually getting worse.

My most memorable patient … was delivering a child in the back of a station wagon in the entry of an ambulance bay. The woman was unable to wait to get into the hospital.

One thing most people don’t know about my specialty … is the broad scope of care that we give, from cardiac to orthopedic surgery to obstetrics to medicine to critical care—the fact that we’re so well-versed in so many different aspects of medicine.

The biggest difference with Obamacare … is to be determined.

What the health-care industry needs most … is legal reform, so physicians can practice medicine without practicing protective legal medicine.

In 10 years, health care … will give us the ability to live beyond age 100 consistently.

Avoid seeing me by … taking care of yourself: proper diet, proper exercise, avoid smoking and avoid high-risk behaviors.

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