General Surgery

Terence George Banich

Degree: Loyola University Chicago, 1972.
Office: 5380 S. Rainbow Blvd., Suite 210, 382-8222.
Board certification: Surgery.

Annabel E. Barber

Degree: University of Texas-Houston, 1985.
Offices: 3150 N. Tenaya Way, Suite 140, 562-1777; 5380 S. Rainbow Blvd., Suite 324, 734-3606.
Board certification: Surgery.

Dennis Chong

Degree: Foreign Medical School-Canada, 1983.
Office: 10001 S. Eastern Ave, Suite 206, Henderson, 617-1981.
Board certification: Surgery.

Sean David Dort

Degree: University of South Florida, 1989.
Years practicing in Las Vegas: 18.
Offices: 10001 S. Eastern Ave., Suite 200, Henderson, 914-2420; 999 Adams Blvd., Suite 104, Boulder City, 914-2420.
Board certification: Surgery.
Honors/Achievements: Chief of staff,
St. Rose Hospital.

Nicholas Francis Fiore

Degree: Indiana University, 1990.
Office: 653 N. Town Center Drive, Suite 507, 233-8101.
Board certification: Surgery.

Arthur Arnaldo Fusco

Degree: George Washington University, 1986.
Office: 700 Shadow Lane, Suite 370, 382-8222.
Board certification: Surgery.


Margo Hendrickson

Degree: University of Utah Medical School, 1986.
Years practicing in Las Vegas: 18.
Office: 3006 S. Maryland Parkway, Suite 770, 733-8202.
Board certification: Surgery.

Ronald S. Hofflander *

Degree: University of Minnesota, 1994.
Office: 3201 S. Maryland Parkway, Suite 601, 894-4440.
Board certification: Surgery.

Stephen Brent Horsley

Degree: New York Medical College, 2002.
Office: 8530 W. Sunset Road, Suite 240, 796-0022.
Board certification: Surgery.

William Robert Marañón

Degree: University of California-San Diego, 1984.
Office: 1040 S. Rainbow Blvd., Suite 101, 714-0951.
Board certification: Surgery.
Honors/Achievements: Medical director, Center for Colorectal Health.

Gary Scott Mono

Degree: Des Moines University, 1977.
Office: 10001 S. Eastern Ave., Suite 206, Henderson, 617-1981.

Luis Panuncialman

Degree: Foreign Medical School-Philippines, 1986.
Office: 3343 S. Eastern Ave., 474-2460.
Board certification: Surgery.

Francis Waibun Teng

Degree: University of Nevada, 1991.
Years practicing in Las Vegas: 12.
Office: 3150 N. Tenaya Way, Suite 680, 838-5888,
Board certification: Surgery.
Honors/Achievements: Bariatric medical director, MountainView Hospital.