Tour Buzz

LOVE IS GRAY: There’s an 80 percent chance your girlfriend loves David Gray. The English singer/songwriter has been sending her musical valentines for years, and he’s only gotten bolder. He cuts albums of heartfelt, guitar-driven folk and mid-tempo rockers occasionally sweetened with electronic flourishes (“David is so talented,” your girlfriend says). He’s collaborated with Annie Lennox, Thom Yorke and Orbital (“David is so versatile.”) And he recently performed at a concert honoring Nobel Peace Prize winners (“David is sensitive, unlike you, asshole.”) Never mind that he’s been married since ’93; this guy is clearly gunning for you, chump. Take your girl to see Gray at the Chelsea in the Cosmopolitan on Feb. 24 ($82), and don’t let him out of your sight.

A POSSIBLE MEET-CUTE: Freeky-deeky South African techno-rapper elves Die Antwoord are performing at House of Blues on Feb. 25 ($36)—and with their arrival in Las Vegas manifests a rare opportunity. In a recent chat with David Marchese of Spin, the band’s MC Ninja announced his intent to work with a certain Vegas headliner: “I fucking love Celine Dion,” he said. “We want to work with her more than anybody.” And his bandmate Yo-Landi backed him: “We need this to happen.” Celine performs at 7:30 that night, which means that if her heart doesn’t go on for too long then she can make Die Antwoord’s show. The drive from Caesars to Mandalay Bay is only 11 minutes—shorter, even, if she takes Dean Martin Drive.

NOW ON SALE: Meat-and-potatoes rockers Staind are coming to Sunset Station on April 27 ($44-$97), with Chevelle opening. They’re breaking in a new drummer—Jon Wysocki quit in May—but that aside, it should be business as usual: Aaron Lewis will bellow, and Mike Mushok will crunch riffs.