Trey Songz

The Pearl at The Palms, Feb. 18

Shortly after the R&B artist appears on the smoke-filled stage, he asks the sold-out crowd, “Can I cum inside tonight?” As giddy ladies scream “yes” at the top of their lungs, I know I’m in for a carnal treat.

The audience is in a trance when the 27-year-old crooner utters, “A beautiful woman should never be alone.” As schoolgirls swoon, Songz selects one damsel from the sea of spectators to come onstage with him. She seems nervous and shy, so he says to her, “Don’t get scared now baby, come on.” She smiles and loosens up a little when Mr. Steal Your Girl hands her a towel, asks her to wipe the sweat off his ripped chest and take off his white button-down. This is when I wish I was onstage. When his shirt falls off, we see his black Calvin Klein briefs peeking out of his pants—OMG. And then they head backstage. We’re all watching on the big screens as they walk into a dressing room where Songz kisses her on her head and closes the door.

Fidgeting in my seat, I imagine they are making passionate love. After about 11 long minutes of performances by his backup singers, we see the tenor onscreen again in a white T-shirt and leather jacket belting his “I Invented Sex” lyrics, This goes out to the beautiful girls/which one of y’all goin’ home with Trigga? A roar fills the room as everyone yells, “Me!”

With “Bottoms Up” comes a change of pace as shoulders bounce to the crowd favorite. Minutes later, Songz ends the show with “Say Aah.” Requesting a bottle onstage, he asks who’s thirsty and pours a substance in the mouths of pleading girls in the audience.

“Y’all is nasty in Vegas,” he laughs. And when it spills on one girl’s chest, he happily wipes it off and closes with a heartfelt, “Vegas, I love you.” We love you, too, Trey! ★★★★★

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