Fans of Jimmy Century

The Lounge at the Palms, Feb. 25

Recently transplanted from San Francisco, the avant-garde electro-dance group made its Las Vegas debut and dazzled the crowd with disco rhythms, choreographed dancing, custom painted motorcycle helmets and a glitzy wardrobe.

According to guitarist Jake E. Lee (Ozzy Osbourne, Badlands), who was in attendance, the band sounded like a cross between “Goldfrapp and an electronic version of the Village People.” Fans of Jimmy Century danced for almost two hours, with a mostly original set. One standout was their newest song, “Mr. Las Vegas,” which captured the temptation and seduction of Sin City, all the while paying tribute to Mr. Las Vegas himself, Wayne Newton. Taking a break from their high-energy beats, Fans of Jimmy Century slowed things down a bit with a sexy rendition of Prince’s “Purple Rain.” The floor filled with dancing couples as the sultry Alicia Perrone added her unique touch to the vocals and guitarist Victor James (already often mistaken for Criss Angel) rocked it out.

Fans of Jimmy Century is definitely a welcome addition to the scene, and we highly recommend catching their live set soon. ★★★★☆

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