This Means War

(PG-13) ★☆☆☆☆

In this discombobulated film, the CIA operatives played by Chris Pine and Tom Hardy fall for the same woman (Reese Witherspoon). At first the boys agree to let the best agent win, while Witherspoon’s Lauren puzzles through her feelings regarding her suitors, whom she believes to be a cruise ship captain and a travel agent. The fellows take turns foiling each other’s sexual progress. Weak repartee and an outsize, violent body count just make this strange and unenjoyable.

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Bye-Bye Bunnies


Bye-Bye Bunnies

By Jason Scavone

When Dov Davidoff told his last joke Dec. 31 at The Lounge, it marked the end of an eight-year run for the Playboy Comedy Club at the Palms. The property, which was recently taken over by private equity firms, couldn’t deliver any longer on the hopes producer Cort McCown had for the showcase. “I love George Maloof,” McCown says of the Palms’ former majority owner. “I respect him a lot. He was a great guy to work for. Unfortunately, I wasn’t working for George anymore.”