Act of Valor

(R) ★★☆☆☆

This film, which started as a recruiting video for the U.S. Navy and stars several actual SEALs, depicts a team sent into Costa Rica to extract a captured comrade. There’s a drug lord, Muslim terrorist, all kinds of modern weaponry, and the true-to-life teamwork, training and heroics of the Navy SEALs. Unfortunately, the film comes across as promotion, and its action is far too reminiscent of Call of Duty video games. The movie should convey more of that real danger.

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The  Shadow of a Hitman


The Shadow of a Hitman

By Akilah Jordan

People have encouraged Wendy Mazaros to tell her story for years. And for good reason. There’s something about the runaway-turned-mob wife that captures the imagination. She’s been the subject of media attention for decades—from ’70s-era newspaper articles to an upcoming spot on the Discovery Channel’s I Married a Mobster to an appearance in a video installation in the new Mob Museum. But there’s a big difference between telling your story and having it told.