Act of Valor

(R) ★★☆☆☆

This film, which started as a recruiting video for the U.S. Navy and stars several actual SEALs, depicts a team sent into Costa Rica to extract a captured comrade. There’s a drug lord, Muslim terrorist, all kinds of modern weaponry, and the true-to-life teamwork, training and heroics of the Navy SEALs. Unfortunately, the film comes across as promotion, and its action is far too reminiscent of Call of Duty video games. The movie should convey more of that real danger.

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David Gray


David Gray

There was a lot more room to move around on this Friday night than in acts past. The large space, which has housed A-list performers such as Jay-Z and Morrissey, seemed an odd fit for the British singer/songwriter who hasn’t had a major hit in the United States since 2005. Gray’s greatest strength, his voice, shined admirably on upbeat tunes “Please Forgive Me” and “The One I Love.” His ballads, which were many, also had power behind them as evidenced on “This Year’s Love” and “Ain’t No Love.” Dude sings a lot about love.