Free gambling, free beer, cheap noodles

This month brings more loss-rebate offers, which is always a good thing. Both the Cannery and Eastside Cannery have initiated loss rebates for gamblers as an incentive to join their players clubs. In both cases, the deal is for a refund (in slot free-play) on up to $100 in losses on the day you join. If you win, you don’t get anything back, but you get to keep your winnings. So, you’re getting a free $100 shot at getting lucky. And even though the two casinos are owned by the same company, you can do the deal at both. It’s for new members only, but if you can do both, you’re looking at a $200 free roll.

Another deal for gamblers can be found at the Riviera, where the casino is offering 1,000X odds on craps. That means you can make a $5 bet on the pass line and “back it up” with $5,000 in odds, a bet that has no advantage for the house. Since most of us likely aren’t in the habit of playing that high, this is more interesting historically than practically. But given that the highest prior odds multiple I’ve ever seen is 100X, this tenfold increase by the Riv deserves a mention.

Back to the practical, how does a free Stella sound? Lady Silvia is a bar in Soho Lofts (on the Boulevard a mile south of Fremont Street) that’s dressed up to look like a library. It was packed on a recent Thursday night, and part of the reason for that may be that Stella Artois is free from 8 to 10 p.m. I’m not talkin’ Stella-in-a-plastic-cup. I mean big, cold glasses, and the deal runs every night. Parking is a little funky; use the dirt lot across the street.

Have you tried Le Thai downtown? It’s located in the heart of the Fremont East bar district, and it’s a monster munchies play, with noodle dishes and curries for less than $10. They’ll ask, “How hot—one to five?” Careful!

Ask about the “drink upgrade” the next time you go to a concert at the House of Blues. For $10, your first drink is free and subsequents are 50 percent off. It’s good for beer and well drinks only, but those are $12 each, so you’re ahead two bucks after your first drink. You’re up $4 if you’re buying for two, $16 after two rounds, and it just keeps adding up. Heck, if you’re a dude with a date, you might make up the price of her ticket before it’s over.