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AS THE AWARDS SEASON winds down, I’m sure more than one person is muttering, “One day you will see one of my gowns walking the red carpet.” It’s exciting to live in a city that promotes turning these dreams into reality.

Fashion Forward is an event that helps fashion-design students in local high schools push their design prowess to the limit and showcase their garments in a competition at Fashion Show on March 10. The show starts at 2 p.m., and $30 gets you a seat. You can purchase tickets in advance through Jllv.org, or if you don’t mind standing, you can attend for free. Fashion Forward is the brainchild of Las Vegas High School fashion and design teacher Shannon Sheldon. She created a Project Runway-style prom-dress competition five years ago for her students and proposed an education grant to the Junior League of Las Vegas. Since then, the League picked it up and helped take it from one school to now six in the Las Vegas area. Last year, Carolina Herrera donated unused fabric from her runway collection after she caught wind of this fabulous project.

The students have to make it through a preliminary round called Recycle Reuse, where they are required to create something fashion forward from old, donated clothes. Each student received a $50 budget for their prom-dress design and of the 134 students who participated, 64 students made it to the final round. Their creations will walk down the runway, and the winner will be awarded Saturday.

The winner of Fashion Forward earns a trip to summer camp at Art Institute of Las Vegas, and the runners-up get sewing machines and other sewing products to help enhance their design capabilities. Here’s your chance to witness the making of a new design powerhouse right here in Vegas.

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