Imagine Dragons

Hard Rock Café on the Strip, March 2

Lead singer Dan Reynolds, after finishing a song, told the audience how much he loved them. Then he told them that the band’s manager advised him not to share that sentiment with the crowd too often. Then Imagine Dragons played another song. Then Reynolds again told the crowd how much he appreciated them. Then he mentioned how his manager told him not to do that so much. This cycle repeated seemingly endlessly during the band’s 50-minute headline set. Hey dude, listen to your manager! He’s on to something.

No doubt Imagine Dragons have a bevy of catchy tunes in their arsenal, including “Round and Round,” “I Don’t Mind” and “On Top of the World,” all from new EP Continued Silence. No doubt they have a very loyal fan base, which on this night included many shrieking women, and sadly, one grown man from one of the support bands on the bill who kept screaming in a higher pitch than the ladies. No doubt the band, voted by local indie station X107.9 FM as the “most requested band” in 2010, has the talent and the support of the kingmakers to make it to the top.

But they just try sooooo hard! And not in that good way, where the effort is natural and the work brings appreciation. It comes off as treacle and pandering and completely forced. It’s one thing to cultivate a relationship with your fans. It’s another to patronize them over and over and over again. Many Las Vegans are rooting for the hometown band to reach Killer heights, but now that Imagine Dragons has signed with Interscope and are officially in the big leagues, it’s time for them to start acting like it. ★★☆☆☆