Outside Looking In

Beauty Bar, March 3

This local trio—comprised of Okword, Vessel and Black Morris—has birthed an angry, hip-hop-dance-party sound that explodes in your face. Producer/DJ Black Morris expertly compressed bits and pieces of two full-length albums into a vicious 25-minute set. Okword got face to face with the crowd and shot out his spitfire lyrics. Vessel’s expansive energy got the crowd super-hyped during “Fake the Love,” the title track to their 2011 full-length album. Heavy crowd participation climaxed with the closing song, “Disgusting Beauty,” as people shouted, “Rip off that mask from your face, your beauty is so disgusting!” ★★★☆☆

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Die Antwoord

By Sean DeFrank

“One for the money, two for the Ninja,” Die Antwoord’s lead vocalist Ninja spit into his microphone. What did it mean? We’re still not sure, but with Die Antwoord many things are unclear. The South African trio—featuring Ninja, Yo-Landi Vi$$er and DJ Hi-Tek—calls itself a rave-rap group. This means that they mix their native Afrikaans with English to produce lyrics the likes you haven’t heard and don’t often understand. That’s the beauty of Die Antwoord, not knowing if they’re serious or if we’re sucked into a satire.