Space in Vader

Disclaimer: Video production company Akjak first put the Vader Sessions on the Web six years ago. But to my mind, if George Lucas continues to reissue the Star Wars films in theaters, I should be allowed to post this ingenious parody over and over. The concept is simple: Director Steven Frailey simply removed James Earl Jones’ voice work from Star Wars: A New Hope and replaced it with sound bites from the Academy Award-winning actor’s other films. What was your basic tale of good vs. evil is now painted in shades of gray as Vader, pushed beyond his limits, suffers a nervous breakdown (“After 14 years on the Force … it just came upon me without any warning at all”). A broken and depraved man, he hits on Princess Leia (“You lucky I’m too busy to find you, girl”), makes awkward attempts to apologize to strangled co-workers (“Can I explain something to you about bein’ a daddy?”) and questions Obi-Wan Kenobi’s masculinity (“That’s right, Sally”). All the film’s other characters speak their original dialogue, and the music and sound effects remain intact. If Lucas really wants to reshape Star Wars for new generations, he could follow worse examples.